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It’s time for your Gym to get into shape!!!

Yes!! I know everyone out there is quickly getting into shape for bikini season! However, TUNEDINAPPS has a way that can help YOU fatten your wallet while you are losing those extra pounds!!! WHY would a GYM need or want an APP??? Ok….

1. The Power of PUSH Notifications– these are already FREE with our apps– the GYM can send quick reminders of ANY new classes or events to all clients with the app– Clients will LOVE this and more people will attend = more clients— easy!!!

2. LOYALTY Programs– give rewards for working out!! This will be a way the GYM can keep track of who is working out a lot or a little!!!

3. EVENTS and SCHEDULES– if you already have the schedule and any schedule change on your app then you are most likely to remember that kickboxing class you have been wanting to try. Also, any class cancellations, holidays etc= no disappointment– hours of operation and all other info clients need per class. Update the app in real time on the CMS backend.

4. APPs Help Gyms grow their mailing lists– when a user first opens the app the GYM can add contact information for the user to fill out= automatic mailing list for the GYM– again EASY!

5. SOCIAL MEDIA– the APP is connected to social media = advertising for the gym along with word of mouth of course but the GYM name doesn’t hurt on Facebook and Twitter etc….and the unintended benefit?  Fantastic SEO for your website!img70

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